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Rock Paintings and Walking Trails

Walking Trails

There is an approx. 10 km and 5 km (via a suspension bridge) walking trails (Ölökyn Ähkäsy) alongside Julma-Ölkky; walking on these trails will also let you enjoy the beauty of this canyon lake. Half-way on Ölökyn Ähkäsy (Ölkynperä), there is a shelter and a campfire spot, if you’d like to cook sausages, for example.

Walking about 3.5 km in the other direction, you can reach the rock paintings at Hossa Värikallio, which are also worth seeing.

Rock paintings in Finland

  • About 60 different rock paintings have been found in Finland.
  • These rock paintings are usually situated near water.
  • Most commonly, they depict people, boats and deer or elk.
  • Rock paintings have been painted with red ochre, generally using blood as a binder.
  • The oldest rock paintings have been dated as 5500 years old.
  • The purpose of the rock paintings is not completely clear. It can only be assumed that they are associated with fishing areas or that they bring good luck for hunters.

Rock paintings have been found in the following locations, for example

  • Kuusamo, Julma-Ölkky
  • Suomussalmi, Hossa Värikallio
  • Valkeala, Verla
  • Ristiina, Astuvansalmi and Uittamonsalmi
  • Kirkkonummi, Vitträsk and Juusjärvi
  • Laukaa, Saraakallio